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ICRISAT and ICC team up to hold first India international grains conference

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NASA's Kepler mission discovers tiny planet systemAstronomers discover planetary odd couple
NASA telescopes find patchy clouds on exotic worldNASA's Kepler mission discovers smallest 'habitable zone' planets
Citizen scientists discover four-star planetNASA's Kepler finds a very wobbly planet
NASA's Kepler completes prime missionGiant misalignment in multiple planet system
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43 Tulas gold ornaments worth Rs. 14 lakhs seized nabbed 1 criminal

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Solid Solar, Corporation Bank ink MoUD.Sridhar Babu inaugurated
D.Sridhar Babu inaugurated D.Sridhar Babu inaugurated
D.Sridhar Babu inaugurated Common Wealth Games 2010 to be ‘solar powered’ by Reliance
Solid Solar signs MoU with Bank of IndiaLight-induced magnetic effect 'can produce solar power without solar cells'
Kepler Discovers a Tiny Solar System - READ MORE

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