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No tariff increase for cottage industries, dhobi ghats, power looms, etc

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Two nabbed for circulating pirated ‘Robot’ CDsPiracy house raided latest telugu movie DVDS Seized by Hyderabad Police - One held
Pirated Software CDs Racket BustedHyderabad: Duplicate/Pirated Software CDs and DVDs Seized
Pirated DVDs of newly released movies seized one heldOne held - seized 4100 pirated phone memory cards and uploading machines
Leopard Skin Seized, Three ArrestedPirated Newly Released English And Hindi DVDs Seized â€
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Sex Racket Busted in Banjara Hills Five Female sex workers rescued, 2 organizers arrested

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Piracy house raided, Latest movies DVDs seized one held.One Held in satta Betting by Commissioners Task Force
Raid on an illegal snooker parlor - One held by Hyderabad PoliceRaid On an Illegal snooker parlour and one Held by Hyderabad Police
Porn and Pirated VCDs/DVDs seized by Hyderabad Police - One HeldInternet Centres in Hyderabad raided by Police
Five Revolvers Seized-Five HeldMurder Plan Foiled-Three Held
Music Centers raided by commissioner's Task Force - Pirated CD's Seized - READ MORE