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New invention: Indian Scientist creates breakthrough cost effective anti-fog glass coating, September 5 2013

New invention: Indian Scientist creates breakthrough cost effective anti-fog glass coating, September 5 2013

New Delhi, Sept 5: Dr. Swapan Ghosh, a leading polymer scientist and founder - director of Nova Surface Care Centre, a surface science research company - has developed a path breaking and cost effective invention for anti fog on glass. The product in form of a coating will ensure that the glass will be free of fog. The coating works on a concept of formation of non-scattering film of water instead of single droplets.

Says Dr. Swapan Ghosh, "India being the region with high humidity levels, fog poses a great challenge due to moisture condensation. After condensing, tiny droplets are formed in such a way that it scatters light very easily and because of this visibility through transparent substrates gets hampered. This can create havoc especially during monsoons. The invention especially with its affordability can be used on trucks, rickshaws and other public transport enabling wide range use and ensuring fewer mishaps during accident prone weather conditions."

Currently, there is an unmet need for long-lasting and mechanically robust anti-fog coatings that can operate under a variety of different fogging challenges (e.g., temperature and humidity). Most of the anti-fog coatings won't withstand washing, so the product application must be repeated regularly.

On his invention Dr. Swapan Ghosh says, "We have developed a coating material which not only has a single layer of application with conventional do-it-yourself (DIY) types of tools but also shows excellent mechanical durability (can take 500 wet scrub cycles) and optical transparency in both cold and hot condition and in extremely high relatively humidity (99%). In this invention, we have used hydrophilic polymers from renewable bio-feed stack that allows water droplets to spread homogeneously over the surface and don't show any swellability due to high degree of cross-linking. The resulting coating system forms a thin, transparent, single layered coating that does not alter the optical properties of the surface in fogged condition."

This coating is suitable for application on glass mirrors in bathrooms, doors of shop refrigerators, windshields, eyeglasses, goggles, camera lenses, and many other transparent glass or plastic surfaces. Patent is being applied to protect this invention. Negotiations are already underway with major chemical companies interested in obtaining a license for this technology. The market price of the product is estimated to be Rs. 2000.

Dr. Swapan Ghosh: Dr. Swapan Ghosh is a Polymer scientist with over 20 years of research experience in academia and industrial R&D. He holds a PhD in Polymer Science from Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata. He was an assistant professor at Venture Business Laboratory of Yamagata University, Japan. His domain knowledge includes designing of smart (nano) materials for Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and elastomers applications.

He has worked with Pidilite industries, Asian paints and Shalimar paints before founding his own company. "Nova surface care centre (NSCC)". His breakthrough inventions include super hydrophobic transparent coatings on Glass and Plastic, permanent Anti-Fog Coating, and Super hydrophobic nanomaterials for textile and fabric applications. He also has other inventions to his credit like a method to prepare silicate paints with bio-compatible acids and Stimuli Responsive Burshable Self cleaning Lotus effect paint.

About NSCC: Nova Surface Care Centre is a surface science research company, founded by Dr. Swapan Ghosh. It has a state of the art research facility in Mumbai and in a short span of time since inception; it already has a few inventions to its credit like Super hydrophobic transparent coatings on Glass and Plastic, Permanent Anti-Fog Coating, and Super hydrophobic nanomaterials for textile and fabric application.

The company develops and designs customized well-engineered materials based on chemical nanotechnology with multifunctional properties. Through continuous research and development, the research company brings in the latest developments in the area of surface protection and smart functionalities to help customers create their own niche product portfolio.

The services provided by NSCC range from innovative solutions addressing the customer's critical needs, breakthrough technology and/or products creating new business opportunities, consultancy to target-oriented adjustment from developments to production.



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