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Madhya Pradesh registers fall in maternal mortality ratio

Bhopal, May 11 (IBNS): The recently released Annual Health Survey by the office of Registrar General and Census Commissioner, for the year 2011-12 reported that Madhya Pradesh has registered a decrease of 33 points in maternal mortality ratio.

The Annual Health Survey report said that from maternal mortality ratio of 310 per 100,000 live births it has come down to 277 per 100,000 live births.

According to the Survey reoprt, Gwalior division which consists districts of Guna, Shivpuri, Gwalior, Datia, and Ashok Nagar has registered a decline of 60 points. From maternal mortality ratio of 262 it has come down to 210 maternal deaths per live births of children.

Speaking on the new data Chief of UNICEF office for Madhya Pradesh, Tania Goldner said, "New data released shows a positive trend in reduction of maternal mortality ratio especially in Gwalior, Ujjain and Indore division. The State would benefit from taking the learnings of work done in these divisions to other parts of the State so as to achieve even more gains in coming years. UNICEF is committed to support State to scale up key interventions of continuum of care across all districts to further expedite in MMR and IMR reduction."

The Annual Health Survey covers more than 40 lakhs households and 20 million persons residing in 20,000 sampling units spread across 284 districts in 9 States of India, including Madhya Pradesh.

As per this survey infant mortality rate in Madhya Pradesh witnessed a decline of 2 points; from 67 infant deaths in 2010-11 to 65 deaths in 2011-12.

The Empowered Action Group (EAG) states have reported a decline in IMR in the range of 1-3 points from 2010-11 to 2011-12.



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