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Delhi bus gangrape case, Nibhaya's mother: Always stand against crimes against women

New Delhi, Sept 13 (IBNS) As a fast track court in New Delhi on Friday sentenced to death all the four convicts in the fatal Delhi bus gangrape case of Nibhaya in December last year, the Delhi Braveheart's parents said their fight is not over. "We are very happy with the verdict," the Delhi Braveheart's father told reporters after the verdict.

"I want to thank every one for their support - the Delhi Police, media and people. Justice has been given but our fight is not over. We will always stand against crimes against women," her mother said.

Delhi Joint Commissioner of Police Tejinder Luthra said: "We are extremely satisfied with this verdict. We were expecting maximum punishment which is death sentence."

He said people's belief in the criminal justice system will be restored.

The most anticipated verdict on the Delhi Braveheart, who is also called Nirbhaya, was pronounced by the Saket court on Friday where security was beefed up ahead of the sentencing.

The judge said all four accused were equally culpable in the horrendous crime and pronounced death calling it a rarest of rare case.

A lawyer of the accused said the verdict was given at the behest of the government and the court is under the pressure of the ruling regime. He said the decision will be challenged in the higher court.

He even alleged that the court was manipulated by Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde.

In a 237-page judgement earlier, the court had on Wednesday said: "This act of complete destruction of the most vital parts of the body can never be termed as intending to cause bodily injuries and rather it will be an act done with the intention of causing death."

Arguments for sentencing all four convicts in the Delhi gangrape case concluded at the Saket court on Wednesday.

The Delhi Police investigating the case had sought the maximum punishment for the convicts.

While convict Pawan Gupta's lawyer Vivek Sharma said the 19-year-old should be shown mercy and given a chance to reform, prosecutor Dayan Krishnan had called the crime 'grotesque, diabolical, barbaric'.

All four accused in the Delhi bus gangrape case, known as the Delhi Braveheart rape and murder, were on Tuesday convicted by the court.

Now that they are convicted, Mukesh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Thakur might be sentenced to death since the girl died from the brutal attack eventually.

Of the six accused of the brutal and fatal gangrape, a fifth suspect - Ram Singh - committed suicide by hanging himself in jail in March.

The sixth accused was found a minor during the crime was committed and so he escaped the ferocity of punishment having been sentenced on Aug 31 to three years in a reform centre, the maximum punishment for a juvenile criminal in India.

The trial was completed in about seven-eight months' time.

On Dec 16, 2012, six people gangraped and brutalised the 23-year-old Delhi Braveheart with an iron rod on a moving bus in New Delhi. The victim succumbed to her injuries at a Singapore hospital on Dec 29.

The incident triggered nationwide outrage against rising cases of crime against women in India with people pouring into the streets of New Delhi for days and demanding a change of law and strict punishment of the accused.



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