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Launching of Digitization of Hyderabad

Hyderabad January 24/2012 (Hyderabad Deccan News) : AP Media has started its operations since 2nd October, 2009. AP Media has carried out publicity campaigns for the films like Avatar and Veer. Organised a peace rally in Hyderabad by involving Ranbeer Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra a day before Ayodhya Verdict. Former CM Sri. K. Rosaiah has launched Happy India Happy Hyderabad Campaign for AP Media and minister Sri. D. Sridhar Babu and TRS MLA Sri. KTR participated in the seminar on "Hyderabad, A Global City" in University of Hyderabad, as part of Happy India Happy Hyderabad campaign. Now AP Media is prepared to launch DIGITIZATION OF HYDERABAD CITY
AIM: To mark Hyderabad a Global City through DIGITIZATION
In order to expand overseas operations, the developed countries are searching for Global Cities.
A Global City should have -
• Business Activity (500 office headquarters, presence of global service firms, depth of capital markets, flow of goods via air and road, and international conferences); • Human Capital (international schools, international student population, inhabitants with university degrees, global universities, size of foreign-born population); • Information Exchange (broadband subscribers, news bureaus and international news coverage, censorship); • Cultural Experience (museums, visual and performing arts, sports, international travelers, culinary offerings, sister cities); • Policy Engagement (international organizations, embassies and consulates, political conferences, local institutions with international reach).
• Political Influence: Political parties and their influence on business and policies. There should not be too much
HYDERABAD has all the qualities of a Global City.

The Necessity of Digitization in Global Market:

• The main challenge is to lead Hyderabad to global arena for business and investment opportunities.
• Our greatest human resources to be globalized for the benefit our own people.
• Symptomatically to take out of the city from unnecessary conflicts and financial recession, to bridge the gap between rich and poor.
• To encourage Investments on Manpower through innovative methods and reforms to make the economy greener and more innovative - while encouraging lifelong learning.
• Economically our city is so interdependent that, to make a real difference, we need to work together in the framework of the GLOBAL CITY.
• To stay competitive with traditional trading partners like the Russia, China and some European countries and its cities, and with emerging economies like Indonesia, South Africa and developed countries like US, JAPAN, EU we need to be more innovative.
• Ultimately, economic, political and ecological reforms along with more technical information exchange through internet, Mobile and other easy sources are about ensuring the sustainability and global competitiveness of our systems in the future.
• To train our own people with global prospective basing on our traditional and Indian system.

Need for a DIGITIZED Hyderabad :

Hyderabad arguably could be called as the IT capital of the Country and sixth Largest city in the Indian Union. Maintained its Cosmopolitan nature in the worst situations of recent past on the strength of its top-rated business infrastructure as well as human capital, policy engagement, and culture. Hyderabad jumped to No. 3 in India in information exchange due to its density of National media coverage and freedom of the press, but it fell on the culture metric due to a decline in its sporting National and International events.
In these circumstances AP MEDIA proposes innovative program "Digitizing Hyderabad". This program is a part of Global city campaign to take Hyderabad as the most preferred destination in the world.
The Digitization program is making software with complete information about Hyderabad. Every establishment will be registered with complete address, Contact Information, latitude and longitude, Business, Household Information, Human resources, Total human capital and working force, Money generation process, Utilised and un utilised manpower, total income and expenditure of the city per day( Average), Biological and ecological conditions, pollution, lifestyle, culture,arts, Individual and group talents, wastage, sustainability etc. Information on Service Industry, Software Industry, Production Houses, Manufacturing Units, Infrastructure, Global Resources, Tourist Spots, Sports Centers, Entertainment spots, Health, Hospitals Educational and Training Institutes, Army, Transport, Railway, Airport etc.
One can compare, Hyderabad with the other Indian and other global cities for Living and Investments. This information will be available in One can download this software and can check any address, route, establishments without Internet. This activity is to take a Global Hyderabad message to every citizen for sustainable development in the city. This is first of its kind in the world. Internet giants like google, Wikimaps, Just dial and some other sites will provide information only to registered persons/organizations that to limited information through internet and phone.
We also would like to start a unique service with 24 hrs customer care center which provides and guides complete address in the city and suburban area.

Is Economic recovery possible by Digitization and Global campaign?

HYDERABAD is being campaigned as a global city to stimulate recovery from the economic, Political, Social, Regional,Environmental and Financial crisis. The HAPPY INDIA HAPPY HYDERABAD concept has already injected into students who were very active in certain movements. The aim is to stimulate their own demand and boost confidence in the short term at the same time more innovative by concentrating on getting investments in skills, infrastructure, IT, ITES, VFX& ANIMATION and environment-friendly technologies.

Role of Civil society:

The success of the AP MEDIA's Global City strategy depends on the involvement of all sections of society.
The responsibility for action does not happen only with governments. Everyone is needed to achieve the Global City goals:
1 Businesses
2 Trade unions
3 Non-governmental organizations
4 Individual citizens
5 Political Outfits

Exchange of good practices, benchmarking and networking

As promoted by several Global cities has proven useful in creating a sense of ownership and dynamism around the need for reform.
Among the institutions coordinating the responses of these various stakeholder groups:
The Political groups have a key role to play, through its network of national economic and social committees to drive the participation of national social partners and civil society in the practical implementation of the Global Strategy. Number of political organizations should adopt the Global city goals as their own and they help push for implementation and reforms at Hyderabad.

Key areas:

The strategy gives pointers for some key reforms in Hyderabad's Global City Concept:
? Investing in people - to adjust to globalization, the HYDERABAD's fast-changing economy requires a flexible and highly skilled workforce. Lifelong learning projects help people to adapt to a changing job market.
? More research, development and innovation - strengthening links between research institutes, universities and businesses. At the same time, spending on research and development in the Hyderabad should increase to match international competitors.
? A more dynamic business environment - less red tape and easier access to credit, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.
? A greener economy - leading the fight against climate change, the Happy Hyderabad aims to reduce the environmental impact of economic growth by saving energy and promoting new, environment-friendly technologies.
Recovering from the political and economic downturn

Just when the sustainable growth and employment strategy was starting to deliver with steadily declining unemployment rates throughout the state, the Political crisis reversed the situation, highlighting the need to pursue and accelerate structural reforms.
The short-term measures taken by the Government will bring maximum benefits if they are in line with the strategy's medium- and long-term objectives.

DIGITIZATION Breaks down barriers to secure and innovative internet and mobile Usage

To encourage people of Hyderabad towards cashless payment transactions by utilizing available mobile phone, Credit and debit cards. Carrying a virtual train ticket or repaying a friend with your mobile phone, buying your groceries online, paying with your debit card the way citizens shop and pay is radically changing. A secure and transparent integrated payments environment throughout the HAPPY HYDERABAD could create more efficient, modern and safer means of payments - for the benefits of consumers, merchants and payment providers. Based on the Green Paper consultation adopted today, the AP MEDIA seeks the views of stakeholders as to which obstacles hinder further market integration and how these could be resolved. This is possible by detailed survey and enrollment of all establishments. Electronic payments are essential for every consumer, either when buying something at the points-of-sale or while shopping on the internet. Throughout the City, more than 3 million payment cards are in use, e-commerce is offering tremendous opportunities and the number of smart phones is increasing at a dramatic rate.
The argument for good urban governance is clear. Most of humanity will soon live in cities, and the trend of urbanization is irreversible. Cities hold tremendous potential as engines of economic and social development, creating jobs and generating ideas through economies of scale and creative and innovative civic cultures.

Anchor Hyderabad as a Global Asia hub:
Build a vibrant and diverse corporate ecosystem.
Make innovation pervasive and become a smart energy economy.
• Enhance land productivity to secure future growth.
• Build a distinctive global city and an endearing home.
3 major components:
• Enhancing Skills & Innovation
• Growing Globally Competitive Companies
• Developing Future Solutions & Optimizing Resources



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