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Cyberabad Police categorise traffic permissions

Cyberabad Police categorise traffic permissions

Hyderabad, Aug 6, 2013: The Cyberabad Traffic police have decided to introduce categorization to bring same standardization in the system applying and getting permissions by different entities or plying of vehicles.

Addressing a press conference here, Cyberabad DCP (Traffic) Avinash Mohanty said that permissions/renewals have been broadly classified into three different categories. They are permission to ply different categories of vehicles in different areas at different periods of time according to notifications issued from time to time; permission to carry out works on rods, electric lines including adjacent areas or to erect temporary structures for such works and permission to organize any safety campaign set up temporary stalls, outlets for short periods which have bearing only on Traffic.

The DCP said that the applicants would have to apply in prescribe format available at all Traffic Police Stations and submit the application to DCP (Traffic) at least 14 days ahead of the permission required date / renewal date along with relevant documents.



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