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Additional Assistant Engineer N.P.D.C.L Adilabad District in ACB net

G.Kishore Kumar, aged 38 years, Additional Assistant Engineer, N.P.D.C.L., Laxmanchanda (M), Adilabad District was caught red handed by the A.C.B officials in the late hours of 14.03.2013 at the agricultural fields of the complainant at Peechara (V), Laxmanchanda (M), Adilabad District when he demanded and accepted an amount of Rs. 35,000/- (Rupees thirty five thousand) as bribe from the complainant for doing an official favour of implementing the Divisional Engineer's order i.e. to erect the new current line to the complainant and others and to give connection to the agricultural pump set of the complainant.

Tainted bribe amount of Rs. 35,000/- was recovered from the right side pant pocket of Sri G.Kishore Kumar at his instance. Chemical test conducted on both hand fingers of Sri G.Kishore Kumar and the inner linings of his right side pant pocket which came into contact with tainted currency yielded positive result.

G.Kishore Kumar was arrested and is being produced before the Honourable Principal Special Judge for SPE & ACB Cases, Hyderabad.

Case is under investigation.



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