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Zee TV's Jodha Akbar: Rajat Tokas and Ashwini Kalsekar's love for Urdu language

Mumbai, Sept 17 (IBNS) For two people who have never had to converse in Urdu, actors Rajat Tokas and Ashwini Kalsekar of Zee TV's Jodha Akbar have definitely taken to the language like a moth to a flame. According to a source on the sets, the two actors who play Akbar and Mahamanga in Zee TV's popular show, are reading a lot of Urdu books in order to better their grasp of the language.

While the rest of the cast struggle with tutuors teaching them Urdu pronunciations and nuances of the language, Rajat and Ashwini speak Urdu as if it's their native language.

"Ashwini and Rajat are probably the only two actors who have picked up Urdu in such a short time that it is remarkable," says a set insider.

"If you listen to them deliver their dialogues, you would never believe that they have only learnt the language just two months ago. Their prowess over the language has even brought them closer as friends.

"While the other actors have a tough time getting the pronounciations right, Rajat and Ashwini challenge each other with Urdu couplets and poems. It is fun watching them work. They even help the other actors with their diction and pronunciation."



komal kale says...
hi.i am big fan of thi$ $how.i want to meet both of u.

Khairali says...
waarom is Jodka akbar zo laat op internet?

priyanka jain says...
i luv u rajat u r awsme... U lukng gud in akbar form....

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