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Rising prices, roll backs and reality

Rising prices, roll backs and reality

In the name of economic reforms a series of harsh steps are taken by central government of India. Prominent among them is giving away the subsidies on fuel prices. Energy is nerve of economic development of every country and any change in that is affecting the social fabric of the country. Our government says that it is spending a huge amount to keep the prices of fuel low by means of subsidies thus it is not able to decrease the fiscal deficit. On other hand it is also increasing the government levies in all the sectors, it has included as many sectors in services also and filling its coffers. The spending is very low in the key areas like health and education. Whatever it is spending in the name of development mainly in infrastructure is going in the pockets of a few influential individuals and Corporates.

This is not a new finding or a new story, this has been expressed by all social activists as well as the educated class of this country many a times. Dr. Manmohan Singh, our very learned Prime Minister who gained a lot of popularity and appreciation in his last tenure as Finance minister of India During Narasimha Rao's term has failed miserably this time as a prime minister, being a well known economist he forgot his other duty, that is as a leader of this country. His concerns about economic meltdown the world over and slow growth rate is no doubt legitimate and understandable but at the same time he must also know that he is the Prime minister of this country and welfare of its citizen is his first priority. He cannot make the life of the citizens who especially those who are just surviving and struggling to get the two ends meet every day miserable by increasing the prices of essential commodities. It has already happened in electricity sector, instead of finding a solution of generating and distributing low cost electricity the government instead allowed greedy people to generate electricity and buying it on an exorbitant prices, the individuals are none other than the near and dear ones of these self centered politicians, if it is not them directly then they are in hand in glove with a few crook businessmen.

The time has come that our central as well as state leadership come out of their shell of economic reforms and try something new which is viable and progressive. Manmohan Singh cannot behave like an accountant whose main aim is to get more revenue to the company, instead he must lead from the front and behave like a statesman, a leader who keeps the interest of the people first, the one who is not very keen to receive applaud from world bank and other international forums, who always hail him for his tough decisions.



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