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Yogurberry in expansion mode

Yogurberry in expansion mode

Mumbai, July 13 (IBNS): Yogurberry, Korea-based natural low-fat yogurt brand, has announced the launch of seven new outlets by the end of 2013 and over 100 outlets across the country over the next five years.

The expansion plan will begin with the opening of stores across Chennai and Bangalore among others.

Besides this, Yogurberry will continue to open stores in cities already present like Delhi-NCR and Mumbai.

After establishing the network, the company said it will roll out its outlets in tier II and III cities as well.

The South Korean firm has set up its operations in India through Dubai-based master franchisee -- Synergy Holdings.

To extend its retail footprint further in the region, it has tied up with Raasha Leisure & Entertainment as the area franchisee for Northern & Eastern region of India and Tack Food & Beverages for Western region.

Pawan Batavia, Synergy Holdings partner said, "Consumers in the metros lead a hectic lifestyle and are in search of healthier quick meal alternatives to replace the traditional 'meal-to-go'.

"The acquaintance of customers with concepts such as low-fat, probiotic and healthy living is giving health Quick Service Restaurant segment an identity of its own. We plan to spend Rs 50 crores this financial year to expand quickly."

"We have tweaked our menu, based on Indian tastes. Although the basic concept and most of the menu items remains the same, we have introduced special 'Yogurt Sundaes' and 'Special Smoothies' based on local taste and toppings, which we feel would be more popular for Indian market," he said.

In keeping with the current trends, Yogurberry will use social media and online marketing as a major tool of promotions for the Indian youth.

Batavia said, "We have designed an iPad software for Yogurberry where customers can like us or give live feedback and post it to our Facebook or twitter page. It will also enable them to upload the pictures or videos of them having a good time at the Yogurberry store and win free gifts."

Yogurberry Frozen Yogurt contains 0 grams of fat and no trans fat, or cholesterol compared to normal ice creams, and guarantees low calories by using only Fruit Sugar.



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